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Oxford University Professor, Bill David, promotes Collaboration with Sturman Industries

Posted on 4/25/2017 by Administrator Account

Let's use the sun, air, and water - ubiquitous natural resources which he (Professor Bill David) refers to as the 'Global Commons' - to generate carbon-free liquid fuel that can be used for power generation.

Oxford University Professor of Chemistry and Senior Fellow at the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Bill David, was a featured speaker at the recent Oxford Innovation Society (OIS) meeting held in Pembroke College, Oxford, on March 23rd 2017.  In his talk, David offered a thought-provoking presentation on a practical and pragmatic alternative to batteries for the massive storage and utilization of renewable energy from transportation to grid-based storage at a national scale.  The gist of his remarks:  Let's use the sun, air, and water - ubiquitous natural resources which he refers to as the 'Global Commons" - to generate carbon-free liquid fuel that can be used for power generation. The first step is the generation and storage of NH3 fuel from these naturally abundant resources; the next is to use engines that can efficiently combust the NH3 fuel.

Professor David's work at Oxford in recent years has focused on developing catalysts that both facilitate the decomposition of ammonia to its elemental components, nitrogen and hydrogen, and also increase the efficiency of the reverse process of ammonia formation. At the 2013 NH3 Fuel Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, he first heard Eddie Sturman speak and immediately realized that the engines that Eddie described must be a key component of any future renewable technology that involves ammonia.  In his recent OIS presentation, David reiterated this message to Oxford academics and entrepreneurs saying: "Quite simply, I believe that Eddie Sturman has reinvented the internal combustion engine. His innovations not only offer a route to massive reductions in fossil-fuel emissions but also redefine the relevance, impact and opportunities of the internal combustion engine in a future zero-carbon economy." David is a strong supporter and advocate of engines retro-fit with Sturman-enabling controls to synthesize ammonia and to combust NH3 for electricity generation and mobility.

Sturman's All-Ternative digital hydraulic engine controls are designed to be retro-fit onto commercial internal combustion engines to flexibly and efficiently combust both fossil, and low-carbon and zero-carbon alternative fuels.  Eddie Sturman commented: "As a senior scientist at Oxford who was part of the research group that invented the lithium-ion battery in the early 1980s, Professor David's comments, which focused on large-scale energy usage from transportation through to grid-based storage, emphasized the greater practicality, with respect to batteries, of the combined advantage of modern engines with the ubiquitous availability of liquid NH3 fuel; this is a noteworthy deduction." Sturman has successfully demonstrated the high compression ratio required for combustion of NH3.  But there is more to be done. "Working with Professor David to make NH3 and demonstrate, as he has proposed, its affordability and effectiveness at a multi-megawatt scale at the Harwell Research and Innovation Campus near Oxford would be transformational!" Sturman said. "It's an Earth Day vision and gift that, as Professor David noted, will not only benefit campuses and cities, but has the potential to power and empower rural communities throughout the world."

See an excerpt of Professor David's presentation to the Oxford Innovation Society by clicking here.

About Bill David, the OIS and Oxford University STFC

   Educated at the University of Oxford, Bill David has earned undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  He has made significant research contributions in the development of crystallography and energy storage with a particular focus on battery cathode materials and hydrogen storage. His more recent pursuits include ammonia fuel to create energy. He is an STFC Senior Fellow, Fellow in Physics at St. Catherine's College, Oxford and a Professor of Chemistry and Research and Graduate Supervisor at Oxford University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the UK Institute of Physics and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2016.

   Oxford University Innovation is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the University of Oxford.  University researchers who wish to commercialize their intellectual property are supported by the Licensing and Ventures team that can assist with licensing and spinout formation, and liaising with technology seekers, investors and other external parties.  Its Oxford Innovation Society (OIS) was founded in 1990 to bring researchers and inventors, Oxford spin-outs, technology transfer professionals, local companies, venture capital groups and some of the world's most innovative multinationals to its forum.

   The UK Science and Technology Facilities Council, which was formed in 2007, is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary research organizations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide.

About Sturman Industries

   Founded in 1989, Sturman Industries' mission "Sturman is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the world through our innovative products and company culture."  Sturman team members strive to meet this mission every day.  Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and technicians, quality assurance and analysis professionals come together to research and develop cutting-edge technology and products that makes S.E.N.S.E. - Simple, Efficient, Needed, Safe, and Economical.

   Sturman is a world leader in superior process control and system design, accomplished by applying proprietary and practical digital and binary strategies.  Designs integrate the advantages of miniaturization, flexibility and fast response by combining intelligent electronics and unique software strategies with efficient magnetics and powerful compact hydraulics.  Sturman specializes in modernizing systems to meet environmental and industry demands and works with organizations worldwide.  Core Sturman products include digital hydraulic valves, diesel fuel injectors, camless hydraulic valve actuation, fully flexible fuel engine control systems and other vehicle applications.  Sturman is also applying their digital concepts in other industries such as machines, industrial equipment, and irrigation.

   Sturman is located in a beautiful, natural setting facing Pikes Peak.  The environment and company culture is designed for fostering innovation, design and creativity.


Realizing the need for better products to help protect the environment and save natural resources, Carol & Eddie in 1989, formed Sturman Industries. With the new company and growing team bringing advancements to commercial and industrial applications... [ read more ]
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