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Sturman Advanced Alternative Fuel Injection Program Completed for Department of Defense

Posted on 10/8/2013 by Administrator Account



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Woodland Park, CO

September 16, 2013


Sturman ADVANCED Alternative Fuel Injection Program completed

FOR the Department of Defense


SBIR Phase II Ultra-High Pressure JP-8 Fuel Injection Program

Demonstrates Enabling Alternative Fuel Technology

In August of 2013 Sturman Industries completed testing to demonstrate the capability of a fuel system that is JP-8 and alternative fuel compatible.  The goal was to accomplish this objective while maintaining wide spread commercialization potential for the resultant product.


The specific design targets for the fuel system included:

·       Proven durability operating on JP-8/JET-A fuel

·       Ultra-high injection pressures

·       Small pilot and post injections

·       Flexible electronic control of multiple injections

Nine injectors were fabricated, all of which were bench tested, two were also used for 10 million cycle extreme duty durability testing. 

The design targets were achieved via:

·       Two injectors were run to 10 million cycles with JP-8 analog test fluid with 0 failures

    o   One injector was run at 3300 bar peak injection pressure and 2800 bar average injection pressure, the other at 2800 bar peak injection pressure.  Over 10 million cycles less than 1% injection quantity variation was measured.

·       1-2 mm3 pilot and post quantity control was demonstrated throughout the range of injection pressure

    o   Pilot PW maps with an average shot-to-shot variability of 0.14 mm3 were generated

·       Multiple injection maps with both pre and post injection events were generated

Fuel System Leads to Fuel Flexibility and Improved Emissions, Efficiency and Power Density

Future military diesel engines will require fuel system improvements to meet their desired performance targets including increased power density, increased fuel economy, reduced heat rejection and the ability to operate on different heavy hydrocarbon fuels.  With the flexibility of closed-loop engine controls, electronic control of the fuel system and the development of a fuel-flexible capable injection system, the possibility exists to target on the fly the desired engine performance using any fuel.  Sturman Industries technologies and the Digital Injector in particular are proving ready for that future to be now.


Sturman Industries

From their inspiring 450 acre Innovation Park campus facing Pikes Peak, Sturman is “Reinventing the way mechanical systems work.” Sturman is a world leader in superior process control and system design accomplished by applying proprietary and practical digital and binary strategies.  Designs integrate the advantages of miniaturization, flexibility, and fast response by combining intelligent electronics and unique software strategies with efficient magnetics and powerful compact hydraulics.  Sturman specializes in modernizing systems to meet environmental and industry demands and is working in partnership with organizations worldwide.  Come visit us in Woodland Park, CO for a firsthand look at the future.


For more information about Sturman technologies – All fuel engine control system, Hydraulic Valve Actuation, Fuel Injection, Digital Valves, Electronic Controls and more, please contact:


Carol Sturman 719-686-6001  

 Sturman Industries

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Woodland Park, CO  80863 719-686-6000



Download PDF:

 2013-0916 SBIR Phase II Digital Injector.pdf


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