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STURMAN FLEET ADVISORY BOARD: Driving Practical Solutions Forward to Benefit the Environment, Industry and Economy

Posted on 6/1/2012 by SuperUser Account

In spring of 2012 a Sturman Industries Fleet Advisory Board (FAB) was formed. It includes twelve entities representing 170,000 (apx.) U.S. fleet vehicles, combined from private, public and commercial organizations. Participants from the commercial sector represent $178+Billion (apx.) in their annual sales for 2011 from their combined commercial products segments. Following technical and business brainstorming sessions with Sturman Industries, the FAB came together in support of the promotion of technology advancements to benefit their businesses and organizations,

ADVISORY BOARD CHARTER: "To be a support team for product development and launch that will help transform the industry by bringing flexible, efficiency enabling engine technologies to the commercial vehicle industry. The common goal is the commercialization of controls on engines that facilitate efficient and powerful operation with minimal or no after-treatment, and that provides a practical method of having a fuel flexible technology platform."


The Fleet Advisory Board and Sturman share the common interest of facilitating user and industry collaborations for near term introduction of enduring solutions that can significantly improve the equation for energy and the economy.

THE STURMAN TARGET is the use of practical modern controls that can provide substantial efficiency increase for liquid and gaseous fuels for broad mobile and stationary engine application - controls that can accommodate varied fuels and qualities of fuel. This affordable solution is designed to provide a number of important solutions for industry, the environment, and users:

  1. Improves existing conventional and alternative fueling equations
  2. Alternative fuel use can be more affordable and practical
  3. Enables regional and renewable energy sources
  4. Leverage existing technology and infrastructure
  5. Difficult technology breakthroughs and rare earth elements are not necessary
  6. Can help phase out foreign fuel imports
  7. Safe and practical to implement for engine manufacturers and for existing fleet retro-fit
  8. Addresses key environmental issues
  9. Can provide economic benefit to suppliers, users, and the overall economy.

STURMAN INDUSTRIES TECHNOLOGY modernizes Internal Combustion Engines using digital hydraulic controls to enable ultra-efficient combustion for ALL fuels. Sturman Digital Valves have been in production for decades, with over 14 million made for the control of fuel injectors since 2002. Highly developed and proven, flexible and intelligent combustion controls have been designed that can be practically applied to a wide variety of engine models and sizes, creating an economy of scale for suppliers and users.

COMMERCIALIZATION The company is now engaged in production planning to bring to market these breakthrough engine controls. Commercial suppliers are available for large scale production of Sturman Digital Valves and advanced engine control systems.

Sturman is a leading innovator of advanced process controls and related product system design. Over the past 23 years the company has developed proprietary digital valve technology, intelligent software management strategies and system integration to transform mechanical systems. Benefits parallel those realized in the conversion of analog to digital seen in electronics and communications, such as system downsizing, flexibility, intelligence, optimized operation and cost savings.


Realizing the need for better products to help protect the environment and save natural resources, Carol & Eddie in 1989, formed Sturman Industries. With the new company and growing team bringing advancements to commercial and industrial applications... [ read more ]
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