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Sturmans Present TEDx Talk

Posted on 1/11/2016 by Administrator Account

Carol and Eddie Sturman present TEDx Talk entitled A Global Solution: Environment-Energy-Economy

Carol and Eddie Sturman were recently honored to be TEDx speakers and publicly share their 'IDEAS WORTH SHARING.'  Their presentation, "A Global Solution:  Environment-Energy-Economy was presented to a packed house on October 17, 2015 and recently released to YouTube.  Click here to view the video.

As we move into 2016 and beyond, they present key messages for industry and society to help solve environmental and economic global issues focused on achieving a healthy, sustainable environment in equilibrium with abundant clean energy and robust economics  . . .

In the spirit of TED Talks, we welcome you to widely share this message.  Here's the YouTube link:


Realizing the need for better products to help protect the environment and save natural resources, Carol & Eddie in 1989, formed Sturman Industries. With the new company and growing team bringing advancements to commercial and industrial applications... [ read more ]
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