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Sturman Total Engine Controllers (S-TEC)

Sturman’s new line of full engine control units


S-TEC Profile

  • Full engine control unit (ECU) functionality
  • Integration of Injector Drive Module (IDM) and HVA Controller functionality
  • Sizable to customer’s needs
  • Model based architecture built on Simulink® Platform
  • Registered as Mathworks® Connections Partner
  • User accessible for rapid algorithm changes
  • Sturman supported or user developed
  • Common logic-core throughout family – software development is extensible to other units

Closed-Loop Combustion Control algorithms enable many possibilities:

  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Cylinder balancing
  • Combustion of unknown blends of fuel
  • Improved torque when using alternative fuels

Sockeye™ Platform

  • Specifications
  • “Top Product” in SAE’s November 6, 2012 edition of Automotive Engineering International
  • Rapid application-specific implementation of the S-TEC functionality
  • Custom algorithms and hardware design (size, weight, ruggedness, functionality and cost) are based on application-specific needs
    • Reduced I/O set would result in Steelhead and Featherfin concepts
  • Extensive 264-pin reconfigurable I/O set
    • Digital inputs/outputs
    • High-current fuel injector outputs
    • Bidirectional CAN busses
  • Gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel engines capability
  • Meets the most demanding research and/or production application needs
Realizing the need for better products to help protect the environment and save natural resources, Carol & Eddie in 1989, formed Sturman Industries. With the new company and growing team bringing advancements to commercial and industrial applications... [ read more ]
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