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Sturman D2 Fuel System


Injector Profile

  • Hydraulically intensified (700 bar oil)
  • Max Quantity 2100 mm3
  • 2400 bar injection pressure (7 bar fuel feed)
  • Up to 3 close coupled injection events
  • Heavy Fuel Oil and Alternative fuel capability
  • Active rate shaping (example shown)


  • Marine & Locomotion
  • Stationary power
  • Off-highway equipment
  • Build on proven G2 technology
  • Designed for multiple fuels
    • JP5, JP8, Jet A Biodiesel

Currently testing in HFO marine application.

Realizing the need for better products to help protect the environment and save natural resources, Carol & Eddie in 1989, formed Sturman Industries. With the new company and growing team bringing advancements to commercial and industrial applications... [ read more ]
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