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Hydraulic Valve Actuation



  • Increased Engine Efficiency (Better Fuel Economy) 5-20%
  • Decreased Engine Emissions (Faster catalyst light-off, charge motion, fuel consumption)
  • Decreased Transient Engine Response (cycle based valve events)
  • Improved COV at low load and cold conditions (cylinder deactivation, charge motion)


  • Reduced system cost
  • Predictive Maintenance Enabled through simple, accurate, cost effective, contactless valve position sensors
  • Eliminates side loading on valve stems/guides for prolonged life
  • Extends oil service intervals by decoupling crankcase oil from valvetrain oil


  • Early/Late Miller Cycle
  • Atkinson Cycle
  • Throttle-less Operation (engine load controlled with valve timing, eliminates pumping losses)
  • Manifold Resonance Tuning
  • Enable Tumble or Swirl Mixture Formation


  • Alter Dynamic Compression Ratio
  • Optimize Engine Operation for ANY Fuel (Gas, Diesel, Ethanol, Propane, Natural Gas, etc.)
  • High Speed Operation
  • Multi-mode combustion
  • Hydraulic hybridization
  • 2-Stroke Engine Braking (eliminates Jake Brake and/or exhaust brake)
  • 2,4,6,’n’ Stroke Operation
  • Cycle Based Closed Loop Combustion (HCCI)
  • Cycle Based Valve and/or Cylinder Deactivation

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