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Engine Testing

Up to 500HP, diverse fuel types and full testing capabilities, Sturman dynos have it all!


Sturman Industries has available two engine dynamometer test cells for customer engine testing.

  • DC Motoring dyno with maximum torque capacity of 1000 ft-lbs and maximum horsepower capacity of 380 HP.
  • Eddy Current absorbing dyno with maximum torque capacity of 1500 ft-lbs and maximum horsepower capacity of 500 HP.


  • Charge Air System (CAS) enables testing from below sea level conditions (>1000 mbar) all the way up to our elevation at 8500’ (~750 mbar) with temperature and humidity closed loop control.
  • Full engine instrumentation
  • Diesel, Bio Diesel, and Natural Gas fuel supply capability
  • SHRED combustion analyzer
  • Matlab post processing
  • Report generation
  • Full CNC and manual machine shop support, TIG/MIG welding, fabrication area
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